Chomsky on Hegemony or Survival

MIT Professor, author, scholar and philosopher Noam Chomsky:

“The survival of the human species is by no means an obvious thing. There are very severe threats to survival. We learn about them all the time. The threat of environmental destruction is much too real to put to the side. The threat of destruction by weapons of mass destruction — that has come very close many times. We just learned at the time of the Cuban missile crisis, a terminal nuclear war was averted by one word by one submarine commander who countermanded the order to send off nuclear missiles. ”

… So, survival of the species is by no means a sure thing. Decent survival. Well, what’s hegemony? Hegemony has to do with the domination of the International system by small sectors of power. At the moment there happens to be one superpower, but it does not dominate the rest of the world in all dimensions, but overwhelmingly dominates it in one dimension: Namely, the military dimension.  Unfortunately, if you look at the factors that surround hegemony, the short term goals to maximize profit, to increase control of the world and so on, and ask how those goals will play out, turns out they do threaten survival,” said Chomsky.

Let us work, in this Brave New World of domestic sanity and international diplomacy that is the Obama administration, toward survival, writes this author. 

From Raw Story: