Blood On Republican Hands: Killer Screamed “No More Baby Parts!” At Planned Parenthood


Author: Collin Taylor

Emphasis Mine

When the news broke of the shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, the right-wing echo chamber immediately began trying to frame the attack as anything than what it wasfirst as a bank robbery, then as just another “mentally disturbed individual.” But NBC just reported that Robert Louis Dear yelled “no more baby parts” during the attack, proving to the whole world that this was a right-wing terrorist attack inspired by the Republican Party’s vile slander and public lies about Planned Parenthood.

The beloved healthcare provider was called out on national television by opportunist and reprehensible gender-traitor Carly Fiorina who demanded that we “watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.” The footage used belonged to a miscarriage, and did not take place in a Planned Parenthood, and may not even have been inside the United States. Florida Senator Marco Rubio even had the gall to say that women were getting pregnant “just to sell their fetuses to Planned Parenthood”. As Bernie Sanders noted today, the damage has been done, despite the countless investigations that have come up with nothing.

The Republican Party’s collective refusal to acknowledge the truth and their relentless propagation of these abhorrent lies have come to this. Three dead, including a policeman. They are all responsible for this outrageous act of terrorism, and the mainstream media is just as complicit in distorting the narrative. The New York Times called him an “itinerant loner” and the Washington Post called him “adrift and alienated.” This was an act of terrorism, pure and simple; but our nation refuses to call it that.

After the outpouring of hatred and bigotry coming from the right over the past two weeks, aimed squarely at Muslims, where is the outcry? Why won’t Republicans call this what it is – radical Christianity? Why won’t moderate Christians denounce this terrible attack? Why aren’t we collecting databases on alienated white men who own machine guns? Their hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting, and now the blood is on all of their hands.

But especially yours, Ms. Fiorina.


One thought on “Blood On Republican Hands: Killer Screamed “No More Baby Parts!” At Planned Parenthood

  1. I am on the State of Florida Board of Planned Parenthood. The truth does NOT matter with the nuts. As an MD, we have for years used fetal tissues for research. Thus, we have some relief from MS and PD. ALL OF THIS DOES NOT MATTER to the Republicans. Love, your emails. Pamela


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