Jeb Bush advisor admits he lied about Hillary Clinton’s emails

Source: Daily Harris

Author: Cara Harris

Emphasis Mine 

After a rough stretch, the news on the email front continues to get better forHillary Clinton as the week goes on. First, the State Department acknowledged that she violated no laws or policies by using private email while Secretary of States, meaning this is no longer a legal issue, but rather merely one of perception. And and now a prominent Jeb Bush advisor admits he was lying when he claimed that her emails could legally disqualify her from serving as President. Michael Mukasey, who served as Attorney General under the George W Bush administration and has since signed on as an advisor to the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign, stated on MSNBC this week that Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email is a felony and would therefore disqualify her from becoming President even if she won the election. The latest polls show that Clinton is leading the democratic party primary by twenty-plus points nationally, and is also leading every potential republican candidate, meaning that the republican party needs to find a way to get the email controversy to stick if it has any chance of remaining competitive in the election. But now Mukasey is admitting that he was simply making things up about her. After being called out by various legal scholars and professors, Mukasey is now backtracking and has acknowledged to NBC that his claim about Hillary Clinton being unable to take office due to her email usage is simply gibberish. Even as the faux-controversy continues and the media increasingly (and falsely) reports that Clinton’s campaign is behind in the national polls, she’s still the clear frontrunner in 2016. But the republicans are likely to try to play the email card several more times in an attempt to cut into her lead. 


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