Another Obamacare election? Exit poll says otherwise

Source: Daily Kos

Author: Joan McCarter

Emphasis Mine

(N.B.: what is called ‘health care law’ is the ACA – Affordable Care Act)

This election skewed Republican, white, and old. But it didn’t skew anti-Obamacare, not by a long shot. Check out the results of exit polling.

Exit poll results on Obamacare--49 say ACA went too far, 25 not far enough, 21 about right.

Yep, even with this big Republican electorate, just 49 percent thought ACA “went too far,” while 46 percent say it either didn’t go far enough, or was about right. It’s going to take a lot of reflection and a lot of post-mortem-ing to figure out everything that went into Tuesday’s election. But if Republicans decide that it was all about their mandate to repeal Obamacare and make that their focus for the next two years, they’ll clearly be overreaching.

But that’s a trap we want them to walk into. Provided, that is, that President Obama and Senate Democrats take Jed’s advice, and fight them on it. That means no compromising on any single Obamacare issue they introduce. No Democratic votes on any part of repeal. A presidential veto of everything. Democrats need to trust the fact that they’ve got opinion on their side, and reinforce that by acting like it.


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