Ohio Strippers Take Topless Protest to Church That Harassed Them as ‘Whores, Tramps’ for Nine Years

A group of topless dancers have turned the tables on a fundamentalist church that has picketed their club for years.

strippersSource: Raw Story via AlterNet

Author: David Edwards

 A group of topless dancers in Ohio on Sunday turned the tables on a fundamentalist church that has picketed their club for almost nine years.

According to the  Coshocton Tribune, at least six bare-breasted women, employees and friends of the Foxhole North club marched outside the New Beginnings Ministries church in Warsaw.

Club owner Thomas George said that church members have come to his club every weekend for nine years to harass employees and patrons.

“This is what’s going on in the name of Jesus,” one of the women at the demonstrations points out. “Is anybody else disgusted by this?“They surround people who are trying to come into my club, and try to shame them into not coming,” George explains in a video posted on the  Foxhole’s Facebook page. “They call the girls whores, tramps.”

The topless protesters have vowed to return every weekend until the church finds a new target.

The Tribune reported that Pastor Bill Dunfee hired an off-duty deputy to guard the church.

Even though the demonstration turned out to be peaceful, Dunfee said he would hire a deputy next weekend if the protesters return.

“I hope [George] will realize that the Foxhole has no business in this community,”  Dunfee told WBNS. “”I take very seriously the responsibility as a pastor to see to it that the gospel of Christ is lifted up, that Christ himself is lifted up, and that evil is confronted.”

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