Understanding Movement Conservatives

Terrorist Attack: ” Something that can only occur during a Democratic Administration.”

Movement Conservative Vocabulary

Big Government: ” Spending taxpayer money on the less fortunate.”

Death Tax: ” The Estate tax, which applies only to the wealthiest Americans.”

Tax Relief: ” Reduced taxes for the wealthiest several percent of Americans.”

Taxes: “A burden to waste money on roads, schools, and the infrastructure which a modern society requires.”

Terrorist: “Almost any person whose religion is not Christian – particularly Islam – and who disapproves of US middle East  policies.”

War on Terrorism: ” An excuse to suppress civil liberties, expand the military,  and give government funds to your friends by attacking countries whose people look different, and whose religion is non Christian.  Since the attacks create hostility, we can declare the victims ‘terrorists’, and self perpetuate this situation.”

Terrorist Attack: ” Something that can only occur during a Democratic Administration.”

Pro-Life: ” Its fine to kill innocent people of another country, or execute innocent victims for crimes they never committed, or let 45,000 die each year because they don’t have access to health care, but it is a crime to cause an abortion of a pre-human.”

Deficit spending: “Something that only Democrats cause” – see Big Government.

Family Values: ” Oppose gays; venerate guns; legislate morality; and vote Republican”.

Global Warming: “A commie conspiracy dis proven every winter in the Northern Hemisphere”.

Scientists: “People who think facts are superior to ancient dogma – often inconvenient.”

Only A Theory: “A label to use for inconvenient facts – see scientists. ”

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