NeoCons and Iran

From Alternet: “The democracy movement in Iran has thrown Republican ideologues into such a tizzy of circular logic that they’re stepping on their own dicta.  Neocons and hardliners may be as eager as ever to bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb bomb Iran, but are restrained this time out by the feeling that they must support Iran’s courageous protesters. After all, the Twittering Green Revolutionaries, as the rightwing brain sees it, are marching in the name of George W. Bush’s own vision of a “democratic Middle East,” the same vision that led him to occupy Iran’s next-door neighbor. (“That’s not meddling at all,”says conservative conventional wisdom poobah Fred Barnes. “That’s supporting the people who see America as a model that they like to emulate.”) Yet at the same time, the GOP worries about the meaning of an eventual Mousavi victory in the streets — neocons in particular have openly hoped for Ahmadinejad’s survival, for fear that a more reasonable face on the Islamic Revolution might preclude future opportunities for either us or Israel to bomb Iran back to the 7th Century (where Ahmadinejad would like to take his country anyway).

And worst of all, if the demonstrations bring about a regime change in Tehran, the world might well ascribe it, as they have the election of moderates in Lebanon, to the Obama Effect and his Cairo speech. That would be a neocon catastrophe, quite possibly sweeping us toward a moderate, compromised resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well (before Netanyahu and crew have settled all the land they want). So folks like California congressman Dana Rohrabacher are now calling Obama a “cream puff” — since, after all, he won’t sing along with “bomb-bomb-bomb…”


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