Union, Yes! – Global Warming, No!

At the Ohio Conference on Labor in the New Energy Economy, held at the Crown Center Plaza in Cleveland on May 18, 2009, a gathering of laborers, unionists, activists, enviromentalists, and academics considered:

  o Can we create good, family- sustaining,  union jobs,

  o that thrive in a green, efficent, ecologically correct and economically sustainable environment,

  o and produce green products and services?

The conclusion?  Yes We Can!  We all breathe the same air, and when we all pull together, we will succeed!

Unions are not part of the problem, but an integral part of the solution; what has worked in the past is not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

Thanks to Sherrod Brown, Policy Matters Ohio, North Shore Federation of Labor, COWS, and the Apollo Alliance.

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