Love, war, and economic disaster

may indeed  make surprising bedfellows, an example of which was the Sierra Club sponsored event at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland  March 31st on the Blue Green Alliance: a coming together of Blue (Labor Unions), and Green (‘tree hugging’ Sierra Club types ) – a concurrence neither the  environmentalists nor the ‘hard hats’ of the late sixties could ever have imagined.

The panelists were:

o Jesus Leon Santos – a Mexican progressive agriculturist, and winner of the 2008 Goldman Environmental prize.

o Jim Clark – VP of IUE-CWA.

o Margrete Strand – Sierra Club National office.

The theme was the impact of “Free” Trade on Labor and the ecology, and the promise of a new, Green, sustainable, economy.

Senior Santos presentation was an inspiring story of a grass roots organization which is working on recovering savaged land through reforestation, and encouraging others to buy local food products.

Mr. Clark gave a specific example of how the CFL bulb had been developed in Ohio, and then made oversees to avoid both living wages and environmental concerns.

Ms. Strand summarized the Blue Green concept, and pointed the way to action.

Mr. John Ryan of Sherrod’s office(former CWA) also spoke.

Questions and answers followed.

Those present were rewarded.

N.B.: Senior Santos provided an answer to the ‘ WWJD’ question: He’d plant trees!

What do you think?

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