Change in Great Lakes Region elected Republicans – less conservative!

The ACU, a conservative organization – is giving lower (less conservative) ratings to elected officials from the Great Lakes region.  

Muriel Kane, Rawstory: ” The American Conservative Union recently released its Congressional ratings for 2008 — and the figures suggest the possibility of a significant division between hardcore conservatives in the Republican Party and those who might be more open to voting with the Democrats, particularly on economic issues…In New York, for example, a number of Republican members of Congress appear to have grown more moderate — either that or the ACU’s standards have become more extreme. For example, Rep. Peter King came in at only 50% in 2008, down from 68% the previous year and a lifetime record of 75%. Rep. John McHugh was at 40%, compared with a lifetime figure of 72%.
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan are other states where a number of Republican members of Congress drew ACU scores between the 40’s and the 70’s. These figures are in many cases 10, 15, or even 30 points lower than their lifetime ACU records. 

Most of these Republicans remain clearly conservative according to their own standards — but the ACU figures suggest … a different path from Limbaugh conservatism. ” 


What do you think?

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