Democrats closing ranks…

Let’s make Will Rogers wrong!


“A broad coalition of left-leaning groups is quietly closing ranks into a new coalition, “Unity ’09,” aimed at helping President Barack Obamapush his agenda through Congress.”

“The online-based is a central player in the nascent organization, but other groups involved in planning Unity ’09 span a broad spectrum of interests, from the American Civil Liberties Union to the National Council of La Raza to Planned Parenthood, as well as labor unions and environmental groups.

The group is still in its early stages, and its organizers have adopted a secretive posture: Several of the people involved did not respond to emails over the last two days, even though one of them, former MoveOn executive director Eli Pariser, has programmed his MoveOn email account to assure correspondents that he is using the account for messages “including Unity ’09 work.”

“But Unity ’09 is setting a broader, and longer-term agenda, aiming to exert grassroots pressure on lawmakers in their home states over the next several years on the entire spectrum of political issues.

“When progressive activists are working in concert and the right is forming a circular firing squad, you know it’s a new day,” said consultant Paul Begala, who said he’s not involved in the new organization.

Unity ’09 is, informally, the field organizing compliment to another new organization, Progressive Media , which launched a month ago to coordinate the liberal groups’ messages and their attacks on Republicans and on critics of Obama’s policies. That group’s 8:45 a.m. daily conference call has helped bring such unlikely groups as the League of Conservation Voters into an effort to cast Rush Limbaugh as the leader of theRepublican Party, and has coordinated attacks on two leading critics of Obama’s health care plans.

But while Progressive Media is an in-house project of two existing organizations, the Center for American Progress and Media Matters, Unity ’09 requires more commitment from its members in the form of a $25,000 contribution to the group’s future organizing campaigns, a source said.”

It gets even better: “The new organization is likely to stir fears among conservatives already feeling organizationally outgunned and flatly alarmed by the new progressive infrastructure.

“This, ladies and gentlemen is, a threat to America,” Fox News‘s Bill O’Reilly said, responding Saturday night to POLITICO’s report on the birth of Progressive Media and its morning conference call. “The Obama administration would be wise to avoid this crew. If the new administration gets involved in this, it would be like the Nixon dirty tricks squad.”

N.B.: Will Rogers used to quip:  ” I don’t belong to an organized political party – I’m a Democrat”.

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