A secretary came to town

I’m not talking about the non-gender specific (right!) people who used to, between typing and answering the phone,  bring my boss and I coffee in the 1960’s, but rather Ohio’s superstar Secretary of State – Jenniffer Brunner – who won the Kennedy families’ ‘Profiles in Courage’ award in 2008 for enginnering a fair election in Ohio.

After sharing some of her 2008 elections experiences with us, Ms. Brunner, speaking before a packed house crowd of more than 70 people at the March Westside Democrats meeting, told us why she has decided to move on and run for the upcoming US Senate seat in 2010.  “The center of action has moved, with Obama, to Washington, and that’s where it will be for a number of years.”  (I also expect that she sees a window of opportunity: Senate seats do not open up often, and she, like me, sees 2010 as a another ‘D’ year.)

She told us a little bit of her life, and – like this author – is a Natural Progressive: she always had more brains and charity than money.  

The next Senator from Ohio answered questions from the floor, and then talked individually with those who stood in line so to do. 

N.B.: My next revised history will have her win SoS in 1998, Gore winOhio in 2000 and 2004, and the US will be on top  of a safe, green, world.

What do you think?

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