Forget the Bachelor – Health care reform in 2009

Loud and Clear – This is the year! That is the message that came out of the White House conference yesterday, along with the message that this is part of repairing the economy.

“WASHINGTON | Sen. Edward M. Kennedy received a royal welcome, of sorts, when he appeared Thursday at a health care forum hosted by President Barack Obama.

Warm applause greeted Kennedy, back in Washington for the first time since casting a vote last month on the economic stimulus bill. Earlier this week it was announced that Kennedy is to be awarded an honorary knighthood by Britain.

“To Sir Edward Kennedy,” Obama said amid laughter and applause from those gathered at the White House. “That’s the kind of greeting a knight deserves.”

Kennedy, who recently turned 77, is battling brain cancer and has been in Florida continuing his treatment and physical rehabilitation.


among many others

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