The intellectual of the Grand Old party

While it is difficult to address the question of what an intellectual is and simultaneously appear modest, I have to verify that I am still living in the same galaxy whenever I hear That word associated with Rush Limbaugh.  Having conversed with Harvard, Yale, and Case PH D’s , and some  Oxford grads, I have an established idea of what’s ‘ín’ and what’s not, and he is certainly ‘not’!  Shrewd, perhaps, but not practicing the in depth analysis required to reach the depths of an issue.

Perhaps the answer is that in a collection of room-temperature IQ’s, a 3 digit score seems lofty, but rather than appear to be an effete snob on this matter, I won’t say that, but rather, as a loyal Democrat, hope that the GOP listens to him, and no one else.

What do you think?

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