More on the GOP threat to our Recovery

“The Ecstasy and the Agony”

Frank was really Rich today, and, amongst his words of celebration, was a warning.  Samples:

“The good news for Obama is that he needn’t worry about the Republicans. They’re committing suicide.”

“…the party is trying to lock down its white country-club blowhards.”

“G.O.P. pseudopopulism ran riot last week as right-wing troops rallied around their latest Joe the Plumber: Rick Santelli, the ranting CNBC foe of Obama’s mortgage rescue program….The Santelli revolution’s flameout was just another confirmation that hard-core Republican radicals are now the G.O.P.’s problem, not the president’s. Rahm Emanuel has it right when he says the administration must try bipartisanship, but it doesn’t have to succeed. Voters give Obama credit for trying, and he can even claim success with many Republican governors, from Schwarzenegger to Crist. Now he can move on and let his childish adversaries fight among themselves, with Rush Limbaugh as the arbitrating babysitter. (Last week he gave Jindal a thumb’s up.)”

Mr Rich goes on to warn us on potential problems.

see: “”

The author sees the current GOP media situation as being caused by, among other facts:

o  They are so used to being able to run all over Democrats, minorities, the under-privileged,  and ‘Liberals’,that they do not yet realize may people are living in hard times, and wish a different message.

o They don’t yet realize the impact of the opposition having control of the executive and legislative branches.

Does the GOP stumbling mean we can go on auto-pilot and win the next three elections?  No, we must work hard, but we will take all of the help we can get!

What do you think?

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